Laser Hair Removal

Smartepil the first long pulse Nd:yag laser with a wavelength of 1064nm was launched on the world market from which a complete and diverse line of products have sprung. Due to its safety profile, this laser can be used as a “lunch time” treatment to remove hair successfully and non-invasively without any redness after the treatment.

Smartepil is the smart laser way to safely destroy hair. Smartepil primarily targets hair, not skin, permitting it to maximize efficiency and client comfort. This laser can be utilized on all skin tones including black and tanned skin with maximum comfort.

Smartpeil laser can easily and without interference travel through the skin enabling it to target:

  • Shallow to deep hair, including ingrown
  • All hair sizes: from fine to coarse
  • Various hair colours: blonde, red, black and brown

If you’re looking for a long term solution to replace temporary methods like shaving, waxing or depilatory products, look no further. Smartepil laser can help achieve the results you desire. There are several reasons for considering the Nd yag laser as a good choice for hair removal. A long wavelength provides for better penetration, because the deepest anagen hair bulbs are approx 4 to 5mm in depth, transmission to this depth is critical to achieve best results lasers of shorter wavelengths do not penetrate as deeply. Our laser is so safe on skin that it could be used all year around even if your skin is tanned while other lasers are not safe for dark or tanned skin.

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